You have only to push the button.

Did Klaus accept to teach you German?

I thought it'd be worth it.

I'm from a different planet.

I'll stay out of your way.

"Just pay up already, I'm saying." "Hand over the money, Yo!"

I bought two bags of popcorn.

Kieran and Think haven't heard from John in a long time.


I hope my son will bring himself to study hard.

Dreams always come out differently.

Geopolitically, it was an unwise move, but the government proceeded with it nevertheless. It soon became clear that this was a terrible mistake.

Bush respects all religions.

I can't believe I actually have that much money in the bank.

Child, my name is Jesus and I'm your father.

Knudsen left his umbrella at school.

I say go for it.

Her father was abusive and controlling.

It is said that the castle dates back to the 11th century.

How long were you planning on keeping this a secret from me?


Sanand is my old college roommate.


I'll grab your bags.

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These are the kind of things only a woman can know.

Morality is mostly a matter of how much temptation you can withstand.

Armed forces besieged the city.

She dyed her hair blonde.

It's likely Tovah will know what to do.

I accept, but only on one condition.

There was a large audience in the concert hall.


I wish that he were here to help us.

Let's save our children.

Claudia has lost a lot of weight recently.

I'm a visual person.

Svetlana was a little too merciful with the feeder mice down at the pet store. The snakes nearly starved!

The priest blessed the newly built church.

Did I do something stupid?

The lady does not like football.

It is wise to provide against a rainy day.

Venus was the first planet outside of Earth to ever be reached by a space probe.

Are you seeing anyone?

I was hungry and you've given me something to eat.

That massage felt so good.

It's been changed.

Liisa dislikes snakes.


I don't like tea.


Do you want a glass of water?

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Thirteen days from now will be Miss Earth coronation.

Don't wash your dirty linen in public.

When do you think you'll see Petr again?

Eliot called it a day.

You had better have studied harder.

Please send in your summary by Tuesday.

Skirts last year reached just below the knees.

That's a tragedy.

Previously people believed the earth was flat.

Ask them to explain it.

Move to the left.

I'm just glad it's all over.

Root is gesticulating.


All the Finnish love their language.

Avery graduated at the top of her class.

Kelantan is one of the states in West Malaysia.

Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday.

Andy helped Jerry wash her car.

Everything we know by now is that Aguiar is fine.

Usually, there's a school shop that sells all we need.

The sailors abandoned the burning ship.

I was looking for her.

Jones likes to watch soccer.

It may be that she will succeed in the examination.

I missed the train. I should have come earlier.

I play the guitar in my spare time.

Her illness kept her in the hospital for six weeks.

Lila doesn't need to speak so loud.

Misfortune and misery threaten you.

People tend to look at others with bias.

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You should live a little.

Did they approve your project?

Marshall entered the restaurant where he eats about three times a week.

The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.

Many lost their homes in the earthquake.

He ran for governor of California.

How long are you going to be seeing that loser of a boyfriend?

Did you finish the assigned readings in the textbook?

The earth was thrown into chaos.

I haven't formed an opinion on the subject yet.

Nathan was momentarily interested.


Did you tell Piet that you did it?

Horses sleep standing up.

Ted doesn't look so happy.

I wonder whether Myron will ever come home.

I acted as interpreter at the meeting.

He's my Mr. Right.

She has a new man in her life.

Is it a threat?

I know everything about him.

These mosquitos are eating me alive!

Can't you speak French?


Wool takes a dye well.


Lock the safe.

We will visit my grandfather this week.

Sometimes Hienz gets things wrong.


His policy was soon tested.

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The detective questioned literally thousands of people about the incident.


That extension cord looks dangerous to me. You see where it's frayed there?

Grandmaster is the highest achievable title in chess.

It's strange that she should have come home so late at night.

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My brother had a house built in Urawa last month.

You must meet with him.

We are getting off at the next station.

They stood against the picturesque scenery.

Could we ask you a few questions?

Myron was hospitalized.

This ice is too thin to bear your weight.


I enjoyed swimming.


I wonder when that happened.

Any attempt at reconciliation was nipped in the bud.

Applications are due by Monday.

He majors in modern literature.

Pierre hesitated to tell Stan the truth.

Patrice tried to ignore the problem.

I don't want to handle it.


Raul is angry and frustrated.

I needed a place to sit down and rest.

That's a cute costume.

Do we really want to help Clyde?

Are you naturally blonde?

I used the wrong word.

The suction-capacity of a vacuum cleaner depends directly on its electric capacity multiplied by efficiency.

Let's get rid of this.

Irving is in your class, isn't he?


Controlled Access Zone: No entry without permission.


Are you from Boston, too?


It's alleged that he wrote in every language in the world except Chinese and Japanese.

Carter doesn't know what he's missing.

I warned Malloy not to eat anything Emmett cooked.

Something's happened to them.

He went out with the heater on.

An artist must have an eye for color.

I can't figure out how this happened.

I grabbed Richard by the elbow.

A cup of coffee cleared up my headache.


I didn't want to go with you.

Give me the mic.

Maybe we ought to ask Nici.

Billie asked Rajarshi many questions that she couldn't answer.

The party was successful.

Carlo is rarely late.

Do you think Alexis will swim tomorrow?

The crowd gathered at the airport to see the President off.

He answered not a word to me.

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Why are you always late?

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It's strange that no one knows the victim.

I have to go to a stupid party with Ross and his stupid friends.

If Stu doesn't swim, I won't either.

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

Betty wants to be loved.

I used to smoke a lot, but I have given up smoking now.

I hope I didn't interrupt you.

Stacey didn't like our decision.

What time do you usually go to bed?

Dawson was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

I need to get him home.

Norbert will never find out about what happened.

I've met him several times.


Thank you for submitting your work to this journal.


You can go now.

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After being proven innocent, the killer cucumber went into a well deserved retirement in Spain.

Please let the blind down.

"Can I make you breakfast sometime?" "Yes, I'd like that very much."

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Europe can't do without Russian gas.