I'm telling the youth: partying is life! And so is your face!

We made the most of the opportunity.

That's not the answer.

The ball bounded away into our neighbor's garden.

The nub of the dispute was unknown but its results were easy to predict.

This boy and this girl are very clean.

If you care to, you may come with us.

Let's all settle down.

The question is who's going to tell Tobias.

I don't feel like eating.


He did it at the expense of his health.

Each week, Mrs. Tanaka saves a little money for a rainy day.

Rolfe tried to predict the future.

Would you be so kind as to open the door for me?

She was set on quitting.

No matter what you do, you have to do your best.

You won't get away with it!

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I've been very busy lately.


He has been a teacher for four years.


You prayed that your children would forgive you.

She put off going to Mexico.

You can express the sentence this way.

I have no problem letting others help.

I'm so glad that Jerome is gone.

They just don't trust you.

She can't handle the truth.

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I can't understand what you mean.

See you tonight, then. Cheers!

There's someone here who wants to see you.


I'd hoped to speak with them.

I won't be able to come tomorrow. I hope you will be able to make it without me.

Kusum felt different from the other children.


We have to support whatever decision Bob makes.

You're hurting me.

Faced with deciding to respond scientifically or emotionally, I'd prefer the latter.

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That's a strange thing to say.

You really do hate your ex-wife, don't you?

The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom of the console.

Send it by airmail.

Cris continued his story.

Would you please hold on?

Harry Partch invented scads of musical instruments, many tuned to his 43-tone scale.


Some people felt that Lynn's behavior was inappropriate.

Is it dangerous to take a subway alone?

This clock is far more expensive than that.

Sometimes the only way out is 'through'.

That was very reassuring.


I was up all night reading.


Have you met her?

The top of Mt. Fuji was covered with snow.

I'm delighted to see you again.

I had to go home and change.

Aren't you worried that you'll miss your train?

John didn't give you much choice.

Why didn't you get here sooner?

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What's the ideal age for a man?

We're really happy.

Miles went to Boston the day after Thanksgiving.

He took an exhilarating walk.

I made a pot roast.

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Hsi talks fast.


My father, who is now working in America, wrote us a letter last week.

The payment of this bill is due today.

At least I'm honest and I say I'm not perfect.

To our relief, he came back safe and sound.

Who are those men in white suits?

We have bigger problems to worry about.

You should've never interfered.

The street is blocked because of the demonstration.

I hoped to have met him at the party.


Don't speak.

Either you or I am right.

Diana is limping now.

Remember your promise, Hitoshi.

It's very important to know how to let off steam, living in this world.

What's his track record like?

You're afraid to sleep, aren't you?

He is so gay.

Loneliness is the fate of all outstanding people.

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I'm sick and tired of being the one who always washes the dishes.


There's a price on my head for a murder I didn't do.

Those keys aren't mine.

Shel's speech was really funny.

They have been transported to various hospitals.

I know where you live.


Corey isn't safe.

You're not ugly. You're unique and beautiful in your own way.

I can't stand this hot weather.

Julie doesn't need to know who gave this to us.

We need to stop.


Harold is a pretty girl, isn't she?

It pisses me off when you say that.

The new one is the most beautiful of all; he is so young and pretty.

I don't see her often.

I said I was busy.

Why don't you go meet them?

I look around but it's you I can't replace.

They know the situation.

You're just so superficial and shallow.


They caught up with us half an hour later.

Tell me what you're talking about.

We must treat others with sincerity.


There are some red lights blinking on the console.

I need to study math.

You've had more than enough time to do that.

He had the courage to expose the scandal.

As global warming increases, sea levels get higher and higher.

I'll tell everyone what you did.

Are you sure you're up to seeing Sylvan?

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My grandfather sometimes talks to himself when he is alone.


Phil was looking for something.

In order to apply, you have to go in person.

Your feet will lead you to where your heart is.

We're going to do it properly.

I can't ever be with you.

Do you know this comic?

When did your daughter become an adult?


They could not get good housing.

He paused to look at the poster.

You'll need sleep.

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Hans admitted his fear.

We want to do something interesting.

He understands your feelings and thoughts even without words.


I don't remember the first time I met him.

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Would you do me a favour?

What city do you live in?

Norman is an eccentric fellow.

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I want to sleep a little longer.

You look like a ragamuffin.

Look, there's my mother.


He could not live up to expectations.

Have you received the cheque?

I'm feeling down.

I'm busy looking for an apartment.

You're sweet.


I like to travel and meet new people.


Let me crunch some numbers and get back to you on that.

He asked me where his book was.

Let's take a quick break.

Why do people always say that?

Crocodiles, snakes, lizards and turtles are reptiles.


I'll blame it all on her.


You seem busy.

After Mark has had a bit of a rest he gets up, has a wash, gets dressed and gets ready to go out.

Vance beat Jean-Pierre in the kitchen.

I saw a fly on the ceiling.

No lit another cigarette.

He was found guilty of attempted murder for attacking his mother with a knife.

Eveyone had left, and he stayed there.


He needs help.


Look at the cover.


You can rest.

It's ironic that one of the most colonialist countries of all times accuses Buenos Aires of colonialism!

Everyone has their own burdens.

Elsa acknowledged that he had made a mistake.

She bought a couple of boots.

He can run.

Ask Vaughn if he'll be at the meeting.

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Metin was supposed to help me this afternoon.

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That's my globe! I put it where I please.

I assume you're going somewhere with this.

What kind of person would spend so much money on a bicycle?