Well, the one thing that I really disliked about Chicago was the weather.

I know you are struggling.


The fish in the water is silent, the animal on the earth is noisy, the bird in the air is singing. But Man has in him the silence of the sea, the noise of the earth and the music of the air.

I don't care if the early bird gets the worm, I want to sleep.

Duane knows how to play the guitar.


The tower commands a fine view of the lake.

How often do you like to go to the beach?

That man is too boastful for my liking.

I wish you were wrong, but I know that you're right.

I'm feeling guilty.

Jef is still worried.

We are searching for a place to stay.

Krzysztof is always laughing.

Japan has long been favored by a business boom.

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I really don't know much about that.

Romain needs to take a day off.

She should have no problem passing the exam.

What exactly was your problem?

On the table there are some books.

Do you wish to speak to the lady of the house?

Antonio didn't actually do what he said he did.


List doesn't understand that.

Gregor will never come back here.

You are the tallest one.

That feels wonderful.

You should put on a life jacket, whenever you get in a boat.

I'm trying to protect Jason.

He lost sight of that bird.

You know it's going to happen.

I should finish my homework at least by Monday.


I asked him to open the door.


I think that jacket would fit me.

I'm still your friend.

Miek is very unlikely to be late.

He got out a book and began to read it.

I remember that you said that you had a car.


What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

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OK, Micheal, let's shove off.

I don't trust many people.

My teacher always said, "You can find happiness if you rid yourself of selfishness".

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He is a formidable opponent.


It is unbearably hot this summer.


I do not like to be yelled at!

This university was founded by Hughes Jackson.

Naren is just a business associate.


A brown dwarf is a celestial object, in which fusion occurs, but that is not massive enough to fuse hydrogen.

We must keep nature in good condition.

Now everyone has one.

I agreed to split the money with Sergiu.

The pan is too hot.


Do they celebrate Mother's Day in your native country?

I want you to play the guitar for me.

Perry's thirty.

Traffic's crazy today.

Gregory ran upstairs.

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I want to know the truth about my son's death.

I gave him what little information I had.

Don't come near me. I have a cold.

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That's hogwash.


Life has been hard on her.

It's geared pretty much towards real fighting isn't it? Apart from the eyes, crotch, and attacks against fallen opponents just about anything goes ...

Please tell me where to put this.

The hook doesn't catch.

February 12 is Darwin Day.

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Takeuchi won't be able to go with us.


Please keep it a secret.

I had broken my glasses, so that I couldn't see the blackboard.

The light was on.

Dan had no idea about what he was being accused of.

Mark the right answer.

Are you telling me you don't know where it is?

We need to start emergency procedures.

Their job is to fry the potatoes.

They're fools.

Van was just asking who you are.

That's not quite right.


Dad rarely gets back home before midnight.

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Bret left early to catch the first train.

I was wearing my best clothes.

Why did you get so angry at his mistake?


A dictionary explains words.

I have good kids.

I ordered a chocolate sundae.


Bob seldom talks with Maria without making her angry.


Monica will be going to Elizabeth's birthday party.

By plane, please.

Kyle isn't doing anything wrong.

I don't know why Juliet doesn't want to go sailing with us next week.

I sort of doubt it.

I'm faxing over the information right now.

She lived next door to us.


I think Johan will swim.

These simple tips will help you declutter your home.

This is a vote the ramifications of which are going to last for many generations. We have to think very long-term here. Anyone with a sense of history knows that this country has fought bitterly to maintain its freedom and independence for nigh on a thousand years. My heart wants us to remain in Europe, but my head tells me I have no choice but to vote to leave. I'm going to vote with my head.

We'll help them any way we can.

I'm going to have to change my schedule.


I'll tell Erik we'll pick him up.

We're both named Wendell.

I don't believe Naomi. I think she's lying.

Yes, two.

Whomever you may ask, you can't get a satisfactory answer.

Suu wasn't at church last Sunday.

What I really needed was to spend a bit of time with my best mates Hiroyuki and Joni, who I've known for ages.


You can't keep Hugh from going to work today.

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I'm guessing this is yours.

Brendan is mad at me and I can't say I blame him.

Mr. Tanaka is one of our friends.

I want a complete list of your books.

Are you telling me you've never eaten Chinese food?

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No matter how hard I try, I can't do it any better than she can.

In March 2014, the Administration released a Strategy to Reduce Methane Emissions from landfills, coal mining, agriculture, and oil and gas systems through voluntary actions and common-sense standards.

It was Tomas who suggested this course of action.

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Please send details of these courses.

I still prefer doing this the old way.

Even though South Tyrol is in Italy, the majority of the population speaks German.


It's my bus.


We should keep in touch.

Can you help me figure it out?

Raanan hasn't budged for over an hour.


Don't just stand. Pose!

Where did you tell Clem to hide the money?

Did anyone call me?


Something is telling me to bake a cake.


Big men are not always strong.

Of course he thought it was a joke and let it slide with a "hm?" but he was seriously annoyed. I mean, just don't say things like that even as a joke!

I am glad to hear that we were not seriously hurt.

It will be cloudy tomorrow.

This homework will require much time.

I wish you'd quit that sort of super-league stupidity.

This desk is designed for children.

My brain is being crushed.

Do you follow me?

The basket is so heavy, but I can lift it.

If mass curves space, then very large masses moving quickly through space would create ripples in space. These are called gravitational waves.

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Brooke shivered slightly.

Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of the blood.

It isn't safe for us to remain in this area.

I'll drink tea, if I can.

He is not coming, either.

Santa Claus is really just dad, right?

It just felt different.

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I doubt that Sri will ever come back home.


The old man walked with a stick.

I wonder what I will do once I get home.

I drink milk.

I was young at the time.

The butcher who sold me this beef is always friendly.

I disagree with that.

Maybe we should've peeled the apples before we ate them.


I was thinking of getting one.


The boy cut the cake in two.


My uncle went to sea at 18.

A healthy child can no more sit still than a puppy can.

She receives lots of visitors.

Because of the rain, we had to eat our picnic inside.

If it were absolutely necessary to choose, I would rather be guilty of an immoral act than of a cruel one.


Shutoku is still working at his computer.

Tastes are diverse.

Take three at a time.