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Just what makes you so high and mighty?

The food at this camp is terrible.

It would take a long time to tell the whole story.

Do you remember what you said to me?

Brandy is never coming home again, is he?

Where is today's paper?

Let us raise our glasses to the health of our grandfather!


He was honest in business.


She's the perfect girl for you.

Young people wear their hair long these days.

We have to find out.

I'll talk to Joubert later.

They saw the file.

I gained admission to the club.

She was at a loss what to do.

I was only a child then.

I expect Dawn back shortly.

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Pablo should've followed Trent's advice.


I have not the slightest interest in his plans.

They passed by her house yesterday.

At the moment, I have a pretty good job.


The girl as well as her parents was very sympahtetic.

I have been taking ballet lessons since I was three and hope to be a ballerina.

If you have time, let's go shopping.


How much do they cost?

Since graduation fifteen years ago I have never run into my former classmates.

Not all species of spiders are poisonous.

That game is boring.

Mayuko wore a flower crown.


Do you have an age by which you want to get married?


These flowers have died.

I suddenly lost my appetite.

Well, what else could you do?

Yes, it is. You were three months old then.

Do your work with more care.

I saw that.

You could at least say thank you.

He was going to go to London, but in the end he wasn't able to.

You hate Halloween, don't you?

May I have the key?

We've got a problem back here.

I saw the dog running quickly in the park.

I don't work for them anymore.

There is no need for her to work.

Choc chip ice cream is my favourite.

I'll probably come back here again tomorrow.

Vidhyanath has never come here.

In the space hotel, as the aria pounded its melodies on the stage, the view of colourful Jupiter framed itself behind.

I thought about giving my saxophone to Samuel as a gift.

I was looking for the remote.

Theodore gave me investment advice.

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Where's the light switch?

This work will certainly continue until the end of the week.

There's nothing I can do but give up the idea of going abroad.

All the lights were on.

You can't just leave us here with no food and water.


I wonder if Seenu knows Eliot is coming with us.


I don't think this rain will let up.

They released the prisoner.

How many people are out there?


They all agreed to a man that this statement was true.

He wants to pay off his debts.

The boat was drifting in the ocean.

We're going for a hike later if you want to join us.

That's impossible for me.


I'm sorry about the other day.


Everything around him is gray.

Yes, I really like him.

Many people gathered under this banner of freedom.

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I updated my software.

This book is quite above me.

Dan and Linda had been married for twenty years.


Don't call me a moron.


I see that your apetite has returned.

He announced his engagement to her.

I felt tired all the time.

I went to many shops to look for the book.

Smart shopping requires careful planning.

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I saw Lucius on television.


You worked for him, didn't you?

I think Milner wanted my help.

I'm not going to discuss it any further.

He lied brazenly.

Izzy wanted to become a lawyer.

Please go over the script.

It was truly inspirational.

Like those of many who knew English, his English was very basic: "How much is it?" and "It's not my size."

I'll do what I need to do.

You can fuck off for all I care!

I always keep a dictionary close at hand.

Lonhyn doesn't know when Oscar got married.

Everything is in place already.


Blaine beats his wife.

She's a feminist.

You can't go putting your values on people's work!

Find yourselves a seat.

We must operate immediately.

She practices English conversation by listening to the radio.

This looks delicious.

Tell them when you're ready.

Sure, gladly.


Amedeo has a cute boyfriend.

Matt has never called me.

Hold your breath! It's poisonous gas.

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Until that day, I had never eaten dog meat.

It's obvious Sanjib is waiting for someone.

I haven't read the book you're talking about.


There's not enough coffee for everyone.

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Where's Elaine? Oh, there you are!

Who the heck's book is this?

"You are so beautiful, so good and so honest, that I should give you a present." (because she was a fairy who took the form of a poor village woman, to see how great that young girl's kindness would be).

Who's going to pay the bill?

Poverty with honesty is preferable to wealth obtained by unfair means.

Let me in. I have to talk to you.

Billie is being very polite today.

He wouldn't have thought twice.

I showed genius in painting.

I understand what he's trying to say.

A computer spell checker could also eliminate most typing mistakes.

I wonder when Anne will come.

He'll do whatever you ask him to.

There was great rejoicing over the arrival, and the Prince sprang forward to meet them, and taking the waiting-maid for his bride, he lifted her down from her horse and led her upstairs to the royal chamber.

We won the battle.

We find the defendant, Sharon Jackson, not guilty.

You may sit here.


When I drive, I always avoid trucks.

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I don't know whether he'll come.

Gordon has a lot of black and white pictures of his grandparents.

Joon deserves a raise.

I've only lost twice.

Hughes lives downstream from Lord.

I'm releasing the prisoners.

Are you a friend of Pam's?

This isn't my problem.

Hold your fire.

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You can use a dictionary for this exam.

The song is familiar to us.

We all evolved from fish.

You made someone eat food.

All the exams are now behind us.

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Could I use your phone?

Rogue has three sons.

When I saw Leigh yesterday, he was wearing a cowboy hat.


If mass curves space, then very large masses moving quickly through space would create ripples in space. These are called gravitational waves.


Who's playing the guitar?

He is far better off than he was ten years ago.

They demanded a higher salary.

We met for lunch at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

Please address your mail clearly and correctly.

It was the first of the one thousand cranes that Sadako had to make.

I won't let Christophe go there.

What did you just tell them?

The first day in Paris we saw our friends and the following day we went to the Louvre.

Who wants to party?

Dennis doesn't have rough manners.

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She is applying the glasses.

He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.

This student is from Japan.

Beverly never did what we asked him to do.

Does Kristin have a cat?


The day will come soon when we will be able to predict earthquakes.


My dream is to be fluent in Chinese.

How did you get hurt so badly?

Someone stole my wallet on the train.


Give me some money.