Ljubljana was founded in year fifteen of the Julian calendar.

Isabelle studied the document carefully.

When I was a child, the most painful time of the day was mealtime.

Pictures of coffins covered with flags went all over the papers.

Do you want to see me do it again?

I'm not sure I'm ready for this.


She thinks they are too short.

Bring your brother with you.

Apples are sold by the dozen.

I can't understand how can you imitate him so exactly.

Can you help us find him?


We're escaping.

One way to learn a foreign language is to interact with native speakers of that language.

Let the boy go.


I can't believe everything that just happened.

Why did you change your mind?

She was giving a speech at the park.

Rajiv left his hat in my room.

"Doctor, everybody is ignoring me." "Next one, please."

Look at that house.

This increase in unemployment is a consequence of the recession.

That child wouldn't let go of his mother's hand.

"When will you be here?" "I'll let you know."

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It was a pleasure to meet you Stella, I am so sorry for whatever I said to irk you the wrong way.

The only natural satellite of the Earth is the Moon.

Lucius apologized and left.


We are home.

I was surprised at the news of his death.

Don't listen to him. He's lying to you.

We'll sort this out tomorrow.

I was so frustrated.

You don't want to know what I think.

Did you have a good time?


Mohammad certainly had a lot of time to think about it.

How does that happen?

They wanted a bigger discount.

I think it might be raining.

Susan wears thick-rimmed glasses.

Why don't we share a room?

Nobody went to my country.

The plane lost part of its wing.

That man is very tanned.

I have something you should look at.

The landlord told me a cock and bull story about why we didn't have heat for three days.


Sometimes, he appeared suddenly behind Emma, bare-headed.


He sent in his application to the office.


You have absolutely nothing to fear.


I'm chilled to the bone.

I haven't seen Xiaowang for a month now; perhaps he's already gone back to his own country.

Anton shouldn't make fun of Masanobu.

That's how it happened.

Children, as well as adults, crave love and attention.

I pressed one.

It was silly of you to make such a mistake.

She went out of the room in silence and closed the door.

We have the same group of friends.



It wasn't pretty.

I plan on being there in person.


A man at the age of forty or fifty is still a child.


A menacing thunderstorm has appeared on radar.

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You must not smoke while working.

Subtlety never was your strong suit.

I can't make it to your party next weekend.

You should wash fruit before you eat it.

The ship made for the shore.

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That doesn't change a thing.


The houses stand near to each other.


Have you read the article about Asia in Time?


This singer was made popular by his good looks.

If I had known about your illness, I would have visited you in the hospital.

It's hearsay.

I've been learning French for two years.

Courtney and Pitawas were impressed.

Remind me to never ever do that again.

Can't you see I'm suffering?

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They are both very intelligent.

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It's not cheap to eat here.

When does the shop close?

He is easy to reach.

A senior government official was arrested on corruption charges.

The planets and the stars insist on illuminating eager minds, being a guide among the darkness.


Hubert doesn't know which button to push.

He collapsed to his knees.

Love and a cough can not be hid.

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Somebody caught me by the arm.

Don't be a stubborn fool.

Mom, Giles won't share with me!


"Did Jesus walk over water and then turn it into wine?" "No, that's a different story!"

Thank you for the update.

Could we have a table in a non-smoking section?

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Kathryn agreed to stay in Boston.

This is his maternal grandfather.

I bathe daily.


The heat is overwhelming.

I deserve it.

None of the food was left.

The students are all at their desks now.

I told you not to call me on weekends.

I think you'll regret it if you drop out of school.

I congratulate you on your success.


Lisa seems to prefer spending most of his time alone.


I'm not invincible.


I want to eat Chinese food.

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I'm sure it'll be easy to find a place.

There is no cause for complaint.

You'll never find the way back home, through narrow streets of cobblestone.

You need to wash your hands.

The old man fell down on the ground.

Mat must feel lonely.

As expectation increases that the dollar will weaken, the foreign exchange market's reaction to US economic indicators has been fairly muted.

The gum adhered to the sole of the shoe.

Jem didn't go away.

Write down Will's address for Narendra.

He really gets across me.

Strong measures should be taken against wrong doers.

Could you recommend a good book?

I don't think you did this.

Did you miss the game?


He expected to fail the exam.

Can you come for dinner tonight?

The best way to improve English quickly is lots of practice.

Brendan is still trying to talk Hal into taking the job.

Where's the Red Cross?

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He yawned widely.

It lasted about a year.

Jim was so tired that he lay down and slept.


Nobody needs to talk.


Tell Johnathan that I already know how to do that.

Call me when you can.

Please give me a pillow and a blanket.

They can cause liver failure.

America's economy is the largest in the world.

Chances are that he has not heard the news yet.

I need to keep you safe.

Where does she work?

We can help them now.

I am not a fan of environmentalism.

He sings well.

In school, Rainer was often teased.

I wish I'd been here to help.

Make solidarity and equal rights the cornerstone of public policy.

Should I let Toerless go?

Tomorrow's trash day.

I've got very bad genes. Seven out of ten siblings of my grandparents died of cancer, including themselves. Three of four siblings of my parents died of the same. My only sibling, Stacey, developed lung cancer a year ago. I can't help thinking when my turn is.

Ken is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen.

No one should be able to trace the events there back to us.

Bjorne found his contact lens near the table.

What pains you, pains me too.

He often acted without regard to the feelings of others.

"What make is your car?" "It is a Ford."

There's one more aspect I'd like to touch upon during our conversation.

Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?

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His life is hanging by a thread.


I'll never go there again.


Make it a little larger.

Do you still think you have a chance?

How many hours a day do you sleep?


Who can be sure?

How about making me a cup of tea?

Kanthan wants to be a doctor.


I can't imagine a native speaker ever saying it that way.