Tommy seems to be babbling.

My parents are both doctors.

He failed to come up to our expectations.

Scarcely had I reached home before the telephone rang.

What am I being arrested for?

That must've been difficult.

"Stop begging for a cookie, Tim," his mum said, "Remember, 'Children who ask get skipped.'"

Did you hear about Sally's resignation?


Have you considered going to school in Boston?

Everybody hates me.

It was fun going to Chuck's Diner with you.

He was named Robert after his father.

Are you sure there's no way?

It was not until the telephone rang that I woke up.

We defeated our opponents in the last game.

Everyone here knows Irfan.

Russian astronaut Alexei Leonov performed the first spacewalk on March 18, 1965.

He lost his sense of direction in the dark woods.

My hair is the same length as Jane's.

A skilled mechanic makes decent money.

Everyone liked you.

I don't think that's the plan.

I'm trying very hard to do that right thing.

Happy birthday, Dad.

His thesis leaves nothing to be desired.

Turkeer is the chief compliance officer.

That was a very nice lunch.

The children look afraid.

Small children can be very destructive.

The explorers discovered a skeleton in the cave.

Teachers' salaries are very low.

We saw it on the news.

I have been studying French four years now.


One third of the population of that country cannot read.


I already did that twice today.

What if something happened to him?

I don't ever want to hear that name in this house! Never again!

The transnationality of the European blogosphere is still underdeveloped.

The results of Ned's biopsy show that the tumor is benign.

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We suggested that she should make up for the loss.

You know what it is.

Celia can't remember exactly where he parked his car.

Karen's help isn't needed anymore.

They say we're going to get high winds.


You were confused.

Doesn't that bolt seem loose?

What shall I cook for the guests tomorrow?

We've got to warn the others.

I think I should've asked for help.

Shannon did not make friends as easily as Malus.

"Where's Amigo?" "He didn't make it."


The house is clean.

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All you have to do is to read this book to pass the entrance examination.

Lila has been seriously wounded.

I shall never forget your kindness no matter where I may go.


Nowadays UNESCO recommends that everybody should use three languages: the mother tongue, the language of local communication and the international language.

Three days passed, four days passed. The wind blew once, it rained twice.

Emily can't eat ground meat.

I don't want to see that happen.

I used to like Torsten a lot.

You should avail yourself of this opportunity without fail.

This is what you can do in order to improve your language skills.


Do good and cast it into the sea.

Let's have a go at it.

He once mentioned a long time ago that he had boundaries that I could never cross. Now that we're apart, I realize what he said was largely a warning in disguise.


"Come home early, Guillaume." "Yes, mother."

He put up his hand to catch the ball.

I'm a cocaine addict.

He died without an heir.

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It has been raining on and off since the day before yesterday.

Mats says she's never had a boyfriend.


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Get out and have good clean fun once in a while.

I will come be your guest tomorrow.

How would you define faithfulness?

I'm very glad to have found this site, because it rocks!

Hi! Good morning!

When would you like us to have her over for dinner?

Nobody could tell what he meant by that.

Are you coming to dinner?

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A stranger was seen to steal into his house.

The police constable arrested the teenager for shoplifting.

Do you ever rest?

At the end of the path there was a mailbox. One day, there was an exciting letter in it, and it was for me.

There's not much to see.

The teacher taught them that the earth is round.

However small it may be, I want a house of my own.

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I'm helping Manjeri move some of his things this afternoon.

Hiroyuki didn't tell me he was married.

Smoking poses a risk to your health.


She was washing the dishes.

I bet you could drink a lot of beer.

I appreciate your problem.


I made my decision based on what you said.

Lorenzo was defiant.

You've hurt me a lot.


When I was in prison, I dreamed of the beach.

Monica and I'll do our best.

How long are you going to stay?

Ernest was just confused.

You'll have to do that on your own.

Bring him in.

"How are you feeling?" "Not good at all!"

The pyramids were built in ancient times.

My daughter is often sick.


I gave one for free.


We should do this again tomorrow.

I would never do such a thing.

I'm from Zambia.


I got her a doll.

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Count your change.


We insist that a meeting be held as soon as possible.


Mix this powder with a cup of water.

I lived there for five years.

The conversation was secretly recorded and used as evidence.


Hy and Linda both tried to talk at one time.

The gang agreed to release Olson for a ransom of $100,000.

He should have arrived by this time.

It could matter a lot.

We know what you want.

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Can we talk about this after lunch?

That's not soon enough.

Come on, Micky. Just do it already. What are you waiting for?

Businesses have created more than 9.7 million private sector jobs in the past 52 months.

It very likely is going to be dangerous.

Tell me when you're coming back home.

Did you have a fight with Ken?

Dan had to take off again to repeat the landing.

It's been difficult.


Sundar's behavior was inexcusable.

I'll always love you. No matter what.

I think it would be better if we didn't tell Pierce the truth.


I hope we'll meet again.

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Jef wrote us postcards.


I hope that you are good.


The book is the best present.


I have to meet Presley.


A white yacht was sailing over the sea.

These flowers aren't only beautiful, but they smell nice.

They built a safe building for earthquakes.

Moran was looking for you at that time.

I have a much better idea.

Lindsay has bags under his eyes.

There were only three people in the room.

Phillip is probably at home now.

I remember his face but I can't remember his name.

This holds for most of us.

He answered not a word to me.

How can this be real?

I just noticed it was Leon.

George came home from the war as a hero.

He's a master at the curveball.

These totals check with mine.

Christina flicked on the light.

Do you enjoy studying?

You must not miss seeing this wonderful film.


Perry should like it here.


Duke arrived after Judy had left.


Would you mind if I sat here?

Are you ever coming back?

Felix found a gun near the garbage can.

He has nothing to do.

The music Barry writes is pretty good.


Was there a reason?