Sentences referring to sexual matters tend to be considered vulgar on Tatoeba.

I'll never buy another one of these.

Ritchey hates to work late on Friday.

Can I dance here?


Ronaldo? He seems to be traveling.

This room is pleasant to work in.

She is a whore.

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I think that's hogwash.

Himawan was always fair.

What a nice guy!

What's in that bottle?

Consider the following facts.

Which do you suppose she chose?

Just follow him.


Let us speak.


Don't exaggerate now.

Rajesh used to be talkative.

They are entrepreneurs.

Seymour's field is history.

I am doubtful of his success.

Who doesn't love her?

You should be more reasonable.


I'll do it by all means.


Murph never did anything for anybody, except for himself.

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Without him our company would cease to function.

Yesterday, as I was walking along the street, I saw an accident.

They both blushed.

He was to have dined with us, but he became seriously sick all of a sudden.

Can we find anybody that knows this town?

He kissed me passionately.

Where did you get this phone?


Cristina walked out of the bar with a smile on his face.


Elliott showed us his home.

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No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

They supplied the village with water.

Jonathan says he's having fun.

Tell him I said goodbye.

You will change it, won't you?

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You've been gone over three hours. Where were you?

I know it was Ahmed.

Dominic cleared his throat nervously.

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Where did you get that scratch on your cheek?

I asked him to warm up some tea.

Something's really wrong, isn't it?

Helge has decided to quit his job.

What they say is contradictory to their feelings.

Anita will up sticks at his aunt's house; he thinks he may be a burden to her.

His musical ability was fostered in Vienna.

You are not supposed to smoke here.

I think we can agree on that.

Accidents arise from carelessness.

The island lies to the west of Japan.

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Wine is not harmful in itself.

On a beach in the south of France, some women were returning from a swim and sunbathing topless. Although at first a little surprised, having come from a country with more conservative customs, Pieter decided that if men didn't have to wear a shirt, it was only fair that women shouldn't have to either.

My friend invited me to go out to dinner.

He wants to come along with us to the movie.

Turkey is a beautiful country.

"Dima?" the man that Dima called "Al-Sayib" asked. "I don't know any Dima. Sorry. I think you've got the wrong number."

I think I made a nasty crack about women.

Jeffery was feeling on top of the world after getting a promotion.

It's my problem. I'll deal with it.

It is one of the biggest summer festivals.

Your gums will get numb in a few minutes.

The room was packed.

There is a post office in front of the station.

The bus runs between the school and the station.

I'm glad you're my friend.


Old people get sick easily.

I enjoyed it.

Trey, there's something I want to give you.

My love has gone far away.

It's fun to knead dough.

My watch loses ten minutes a day.

What does Lana see in you?

Cats almost always land on their feet.

It's nice to be back together.


I had plenty of time to talk to many friends.

Carole doesn't like to be touched.

Ad-hoc councils of town elders slowly evolved into militias.

Heat up the water until it boils.

Nick made a lot of mistakes.

Give me the car keys, please.

He's urinating blood.

My family is not all that large.

I'll do my best to have nothing left to do!

She misses him.

Brent enlisted in the service.


The more I studied psychology, the more interesting I came to find it.

Monica is still stalling for time.

How is it that you know so much about Japanese history?

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It can't be Spyros.

I'm very good at what I do.

I love working with kids.

Croatia is located in the southeastern part of Europe.

I like each of them.

That is the sort of job I am cut out for.

This isn't Mandarin, it's Shanghainese.


She gave me charming embroideries.

Deep in this forest, as the stepmother well knew, there was a green lawn and on the lawn stood a miserable little hut on hens' legs, where lived a certain Baba Yaga, an old witch grandmother.

She is very bitter toward me.

Juha was unable to remember what he had eaten for breakfast.

Anyway, I won't take up any more of your time.

I wish my wife was like that.

Did you speak to him today?

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I need a secretary.

I forgot to tell Rayan and Markus to bring their lunch.

Could you pass me the salt?


Carolyn ought to have known that Dawn was in Boston.

I'm standing outside the church right now.

I'm sure that's no fault of yours.


Rathnakumar really made me feel at home.

Dominick was the first to come.

The credibility and veracity of the report that pieces of the plane have been found, cannot yet be verified.


I wish the tower hadn't been under construction when we visited it.

Florian is shopping.

Norm tried to get into the locked room.

Tobias got straight A's.

I see no need for you to do that.

No doubt he will come later.

Repairing a broken radio I realise over again that I don't have an understanding of the operating principles of circuitry.

How many capital cities does South Africa have?

Brenda couldn't remember what he had done.

The wind picked up.

I've just arrived and I don't know anyone.

This is my first time.

3. If you do phone then hang up immediately, without following any instructions given.

The notion of upper-class and lower-class among humans in this world is a topic likely to be found in a woman's essay. Anyone who thinks that falls in the lower-class category of humans.

We expected him to support us.

He came in spite of the heavy snow.

The telephone was invented by Bell.

He telephoned her when he arrived at the station.

What if I'm right?


I hear Masanobu has dropped out of school.

When he finished running, he was happy.

How long will you be staying with us?


How about going to see a movie with me?

The car turned over and burst into flames.

Ravindranath was alive.


Space was imprisoned at a psychiatric hospital due to his severe insanity.

Ralph and Ninja were surprised by what they saw.

Who's ready for more?

The school is on the hill.

Where did she learn this?

Clearly, it's a fraud.

Meg was the only girl that was wearing jeans.

Cato preferred to be a good man rather than seem like it.

A guard's been killed.

The harmonic series diverges.

I'm sure you'll find everything is in order.


I have to go to a stupid party with Kitty and his stupid friends.

I deserve it.

The media has a lot of influence on the outcome of an election.

I brought a picture of Jay.

They are going to get married tomorrow.

There are rats in the kitchen.

I don't have any comments.

Do you think animals have souls?

Collin is secretive.

Have you known Tor a long time?

It was stupid of you to believe it.


She entrusted her husband with a letter.

Bruno was happy that his daughter drew him a picture and he thought about it all day.

But I don't think that it's strange at all.


Would you wait for me?

I made twenty blurry shots to have one almost correct!

It's a time-honored tradition.

I don't recommend eating in that restaurant. The food is awful.

Are the police going to arrest me?


They corrected it.


We must make up for the loss in some way.