Let's explore a book written in a month together!

Once upon a time, Jeff wrote a book in one month. Now he plans to read it, chapter by chapter with commentary, for everyone to enjoy! He'll critique spelling and typos, identify gaping plot holes, and ridicule the awkward dialog he incorporated into this work of literature. Come along for the exciting journey into a fantasy world riddled with grammar errors!

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A not-so-exciting chapter is filled with foreshadowing and Jeff forces his wife to read half of it

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Chapter 14


Erin explains what a car is to a "world of magic" native, and Jeff explains how to use big words

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Chapter 13


Our heroes visit a friend for magical pancakes and Jeff brags about the inventive names he comes up with

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Chapter 12


Margaux bribes birds with berries and Jeff has repeated trouble with alliteration

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Erin finds the traitor and Jeff explains how "Pause" works

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Chapter 10


An exciting chapter finds our heroes battling evil and eating fresh turkey

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Chapter 9


Two main characters almost kiss and Jeff whines about being stuffy

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Margaux cries after trying on shoes, and Jeff creates more dead air than ever before

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Bringing Balance is available on Amazon as an actual printed book or an eBook for your Amazon Kindle:


Don't worry!  Both versions have all the typos, spelling errors, and sentence fragments one would expect from a hastily written book!