The camera was essential for me.

I wrote to Space a while ago, but he hasn't replied yet.


Use it with caution.


We got the job done on time.

That table cloth urgently needs washing.

Did you sign it?


Greg may have to cancel the party.


I would like for him to write more often.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this without Sonja's help.

He and I share a room.

I think that globalization has negative effects as well as positive.

You don't smoke, do you?

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I love those warm summer nights by the lake.

I came into a huge fortune.

Everyone is so mean to me.

There's a relation between knowing the context and translating the text.

Let's remember the good times.

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That's how I know.


He's feeling tired after German class.


I know you think I'm stupid.


Is Mr Schmidt at home now?

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Does your car have a spare tyre?


Janet works on commission.

You can't just lie to him.

We should do that.

Jin is useless.

Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?

Sorry, I won't do it without a condom.

Most people are afraid to set high goal for fear of not achieving it.

Do you think this is worth something?

Quasars are brilliantly shining heavenly bodies that are extremely far away.

He's flying on a winged horse.

Howard doesn't watch war movies.

He conceals a despicable heart behind his smile.

I don't think Celeste killed himself.

What a phony!

Slartibartfast had no place to go.

To be successful, you need to look like you're already successful.

Every dogs has his own day.

You didn't begin without me, did you?

They elected Hashimoto the Prime Minister.


Where is my pencil?

The sun is our most important source of energy.

Mr Sato called at eleven.

"Link, where is the pizza I saved for dinner?" "Yeah, like you need more to eat, you fat old King!" "What did you say?!" "I said you're a glutton!" "I'm warning you, boy, stop talking to me like that!"

Hal soon adapted himself to school life.

It can cause kidney failure.

How can you afford a place like this?

His idea counts for nothing.

I wish I were a good singer.


Something unexpected happened.

Didn't your parents teach you anything?

On my way to the theater I saw a traffic accident.

She married a rich merchant.

I had things to think about.


She risked her life to save him.

Does he really want it?

We're not in touch with Rodney.


People tend to consider translation like algebra, with both sides of the equation being identical, when in fact it's more like a cover version of a song, where the tune is the same, but the arrangement is unique.

Climbing that mountain was a piece of cake.

He had time to lose himself in his amusement.

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Ahmed won't talk to Stagger.

We should change it.

Trevor is just wrapping up a phone call.

They accused him of being dishonest.

Jacob believes that ghosts exist.

Did you find your car keys?

When I was in prison, I dreamed of the beach.

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The waiters bumped into each other and dropped their trays.

Malloy opened the trunk and took out the spare tire.

Even in Barton's funniest skits, there is a note of grief.

Where's the rest of it?

Please give me a chance to explain.

It's been unusually warm this week.

Will you record this program on video for me?

You can take that with you.

It was good enough.


Once you start eating popcorn, it's almost impossible to stop.

That's not the kind of thing Kimberly would do.

We're blood brothers.

Vinod vanished.

He rang me up at midnight.

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It is often easier to make plans that it is to carry them out.

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Pierce drank the whole bottle of milk by himself.

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Byron is now somewhere in Australia.

My aunt is none the happier for her great wealth.

The past is the past. There's nothing you can do about it.

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What he said was a slight exaggeration.


There is honor even among thieves.

Wouldn't that be dangerous?

Will you have another glass of wine?

You are in my thoughts at all times.

See what you can find.

The light was on.

My heart skipped a beat when my wife told me she was pregnant.


Mr. President, my name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.


Emmy folded the napkin in half.

I want to speak to him alone.

Aurora Borealis, or the "northern lights", occurs 80 to 160 km (50 to 100 miles) above the earth when energetic particles from a solar storm cause the gases in the upper atmosphere to glow. Auroras can last between a few minutes to several hours. It's common across Alaska and northern Canada.

There's something we have to get straight.

When did we decide this?

In the eyes of the Creator, all are equal.

I didn't tell her to say that.


Last year, I spent so much time by myself that I almost forgot how to communicate effectively with others.

Vernon was better than me.

He will be reading everything.

My neighbors are hogging the laundry room in my apartment building again.

I don't want to give the wrong answer.

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He is at the head of the class.


Agatha has written three novels.

Hey, what's happening?

No one enters heaven except through philosophy.

Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you.

The sea covers much of the surface of the globe.


To the west of France is the Atlantic Ocean.

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Come on, tell me.

This is the best Indian restaurant anywhere in Tokyo.

Carisa promised not to tell Vinod.

He walked slowly for the child to follow.

I needed some help.

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We both love Carole.

She took him to the store.

People of the world - the scale of our challenge is great. The road ahead will be long. But I come before you to say that we are heirs to a struggle for freedom.


Hello, I am Bashir.

We will increase the rent next month.

Life is most often illogical.


He would often sit up until late at night.


I don't have any complaints.


How many Native American reservations are there in the United States?

Mrs. Teresa's statement explained a lot about the death of her husband.

Do you want to go?


Why didn't you warn them?

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A true friend would advise you.


He swims in the river.

To preach is easier than to practice.

Seymour accompanied Teruyuki to the event.

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We ate swordfish.

I've always liked Boston.

This chicken is fried well.


I watch TV now and then.


Can I bring them?

I got rid of all the books.

In 1957, the Soviet Union sent a female dog named Laika into space.

I'll visit you on Sunday, if I don't write you to the contrary.

Sassan bought a bottle of balsamic vinegar in Modena.

Arne smashed Hurf's head against the wall until she was dead.

Trent has been staying with us for the past three days.

I knew people would talk.

Americans participate in most sports.

It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

We are happy to see you again.


Adam awoke at daybreak.

The buildings were damaged by the storm last night.

Love begins to emerge between the two.


I think everyone has a favorite color.

He took pity on me and helped me out.

In that regard, I agree with you.