I make 100 euros a day.


Who is the girl in the pink dress?

Much money is spent every day.

You have to do it, just like we all do.

I'm carrying a knife in my pack.

Gail was an architect.

Have you seen them anywhere?

You sure ruffled her feathers with that anti-feminist joke.

Will you please just wait a minute?

Are you going to tell me what's wrong?

Please give me help in taking this down.

They didn't succeed.


I run a tight ship.

"Dima..." Al-Sayib said. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

Little is known about Pluto.

She's more popular than me.

Dwayne doesn't know much about his family history on his mother's side.

I don't want to pry into your private life.

What can one do at night?

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They discuss the matter every day.

The Nile is the longest river in the world.

He often plays piano.


I was asked by my uncle what I intended to be when I graduated from college.

We caught the thief.

Vistlik fell asleep while driving and caused an accident.

Arlene is a pretty good tennis player.

I was too stunned to talk.

I go to school by subway.

Whose fault was it?


It's raining, but we'll go anyway.

The medicine relieved my pain immediately.

Their grapes suit my palate.


I have sore feet.


I need to go to my hotel, the Hilton hotel!

Why are there people in the dining room?

Few students are interested in the game next Saturday.

Stop joking around.

Ernst threw his back out.


Brandon has no idea what my problems are.

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Just a moment. Let him finish.

She tried to console him.

Her novel won her the award.


Do you want me to pick you up at the airport?

I know it's not true, but it definitely seems like the sun revolves around the Earth.

Most students don't have a lot of money.


The match was cancelled due to the heavy rain.

I'd like you to look after my dog.

You're working late tonight, aren't you?

They lived in Spain for several years.

Piercarlo didn't go to the prom.

She has a beautiful tan.

He lost his job as a used car salesman.

I suspected nothing.

Could you please give me your cellphone number?

She lost the bet.

They're fools.

You'd better take your umbrella, just in case it rains.

Ted wanted a job.

Delbert and Monty did not want to wait.

There is a stranger in front of the house.


He runs a company in Meguro.


You always tell us how refined your tastes are, and yet you listen to that trash?

How I wish I could swim.

Mr Nakajima can, as well as English, speak fluent German.

If I had noticed her, I would have got her autograph.

You can adjust game configuration options when starting the game for the first time.

Please conserve water in summer.

Everyone ate the same thing.


He is away on holiday.

Do you guys play soccer?

The movie's ending was quite the scene!


Rather than getting depressed, I'd probably feel hatred towards her.

The gasoline tank was underneath.

What is the rate per day?

I'm surprised that you won the prize.

We don't even know if Laurent got to Boston or not.

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On entering the barn, he found a missing bike.

They had a narrow escape under cover of darkness.

Mosur was certain that he would recognize Mikey when he saw her.

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I rarely see him on the Internet.

I could get you a blanket if you need one.

I'm from Norway.

Get a good start by observing carefully.

Don't throw this paper away!

Do you want to go tell Cris about this?

Please call me a doctor.


They never did anything.

Rainer gave Patrice an apple.

I'm going to miss Boston.

Marci tried to prevent Rodger from going to the police.

What brought the price down?

He draws on his childhood experiences for the material of most of his stories.

Neville entered the bedroom quietly.

My children are in school.

Tell him that.

He couldn't convince her of her mistake.

Why are you so paranoid?


When will we go?

He knows quite well what it is like to be poor.

I'm going to wash the dishes.

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A rhetorical question does not require an answer.

They're not just roommates. They're also lovers.

Who did you call?

What am I missing?

I worked at it.

That word isn't in common use.

Is there a cafe where I can have a light meal?

Who gave that order?

Are you determined to get a tattoo?


Romain left his ticket at home.

You don't have to chat with them.

I couldn't say.

Disk herniation is when cartilage, called 'intervertebral disk' and found between each vertebra, slips out.

They look rather fake.

Do you still have my number?

I was in great pain.


Life is like a journey.

What is science?

I aim for excellence in all areas of my life.

A sense of humour will stand you in good stead in difficult times.

Pick it up.

I'm glad to see the two of you are getting along.

Annard wished he had had the courage to jump into the river and save the baby that had fallen in.

Ram's a bright kid.

The meeting isn't over.


Although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be achieved easily.


I can vouch for Rik.

This video is the shit.

I'm not saying this twice.


Matthieu switched off his computer.


It just might take Brenda a little while.

I'll keep moving.

Where do I return cars?

I'm casting aspersions on his competency as a statistician.

Elliott was worried about what might happen.


Olaf may be waiting for us now.


That's where Manny started his career.


Benson really impressed me.

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In England spring really begins with the first of May.

I thought that was fun.

Amos told me you were happy.

I'm trying to talk on the telephone. Could you please be quiet?

She deserves more.


My contractions last about forty-five seconds.


I wouldn't dream of telling Tyler.


The stars are bright.

Learn to walk before you run.

I've sold the picture for 20,000 yen.

I will not forget to write to my mother.

Sri certainly had an interesting story to tell.

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

I don't have the strength to keep trying.

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I am very sorry to inform you that she died.


Konrad couldn't help noticing that Kay was staring at him.

The sun reigns in the center of all.

In the parent's mind, a child grows but does not age.

Blair felt that it would be a waste of time to translate the letter for Knute.

Move along now.

The man wanted to call his father.

I told you Linda had been on duty too long.

Illness prevented her from taking a trip.

It poured down.


It's probably a warning.