It's only a small setback.

He took pictures of me with his camera.

I want to live in Australia.

If there's anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Such ability is native to him.

Frederick had so many things he wanted to say to Pilot.

I'm so happy for you, Jose.

We had a lot of chances.

I can't seem to do anything right.

Do you think that's going to help?

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What do you guys think of us?

Why are you being so nice to me?

He spends all his time chatting online on Jabber.

Do you like tea or coffee?

Please lead me to Ho Chi Minh Open University!

Brendan doesn't really understand French.

Few people live to be 100 years old.

The mother hugged the child to her bosom.

Guy was relaxing, drinking a glass of wine.

Everyone's looking at me.

As soon as I left home, it began to rain.

We love each other, but I live in the U.S. and he lives in Germany.

You're supposed to be happy.

I never thought I'd ever get married.

We found the boy interested.

Today's Monday, isn't it?

I woke up to the danger.

I had to pay five more dollars.

I'll be 30 this October.

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Do you know how to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

I just can't get used to this.

I have a boring job.

Just why are boys so disgusting?

I would like to speak to Johano.

There are noticeable differences between the two.

Raise your left hand.

The apple is not quite ripe yet.

Why are there people in the living room?


He has given us indecent wages.

Why don't you have a family?

Marius is the highest of all.


I've ordered you some dessert.

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I work at my friend's shop.

Morgan likes to drink.

He almost looks like a girl.

Please give my kind regards to your parents.

Don't worry about Donn. He can take care of himself.


We were looking for her.

Last night a fire broke out in the house next door.

Clay may not remember us.

Get the captain.

It was a deep darkness.

I have an appointment with my uncle tomorrow.

Fertile soil is indispensable for agriculture.

Does it bother you to stay here today?

It rang loudly.

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He is not a friend, but an acquaintance.


Around honey, there is no lack of flies.


I hope Sherman comes over to my place today.


We must think of our children and grand-children.


I didn't expect Raman to be here.

It can't be done in the amount of time we have.

I broke her heart.

Sundar is worried about Laurent's safety.

Lord has a lot of patience.

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I haven't met friends.


Get her something to eat.

I had to catch the first train this morning to get here in time.

Few people are free of care.

I won't help you, so don't ask me.

I'm finished eating.

Dan, who was watching the scene, called the police.

Lunch is on.


I'm a cheerful and nice guy.

He came just as I was leaving.

We are still unaware of the criminal's motives.


He thinks they are too big.

Molly successfully completed the program.

This doesn't affect him at all.

Mostly likely, he's come back from the workshop.

You're the problem, Saumya.

I suppose you could say that.

She came every time my sister was home.

It was a perfect moment.

I live in Tampa at the moment.

When the forest is gone, birds and small mammals that lived there have to find new homes - if they can.

The surrounding area was very quiet.

You talk, I'll listen.

I'll be really careful.

You must swear to keep your promise.

There was an extra problem: the car wasn't his.

Why doesn't Galen just do what we've asked?

I don't think I'm ready to leave yet.

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She did it carefully.

We were amazed that he had gotten full credit.

Clay became dizzy.

Isn't winning great?

I know where to look.

I told her I couldn't do it.

Are you sure you really want to know the truth?

He will never visit the town again.

Ranjit was the last one to go home.


He told me that he had received a lot of phone calls.

They spent time together in Paris.

Stop acting like a spoilt child.


I'm dying to play this game.

I'm leaving the city.

Sea otters love to eat clams while swimming on their backs.

I can't drink such sweet stuff.

Could you help us?

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This is the first time we've given a concert in Boston.

Jan was sitting in the dugout with his teammates.

The lion is an animal.


I'm not superstitious.

You should let a computer program generate your passwords for you.

You did exactly what Hiroyuki wanted you to do.

There's a rowboat right over there.

Sofia left his wife a fortune.


This statue is as large as life.

I had a dentist's appointment this morning.

He took a taxi to the hospital.

Did you have a chance to apologize to Danny?

Nothing's happened yet, but I'm sure it will.

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I'm tired of always having to do all the work.

Soccer players make a lot of money.

Clare pulled out his gun and aimed it at Shutoku.

It is supposed to rain today, isn't it?

I don't even know your real name.


He doesn't do well because he doesn't make the most of his ability.

The family love one another.

Thierry is a model student.

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Fortunately the guest of honor did not pick up on the allusion.

Tammy wants a book to read.

I suppose an explanation is called for.

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How many calories do you burn running up six flights of stairs?

"Can you help me paint my house?" "Sure. No problem."

I would rather go today than tomorrow.

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Is this the Taylors'?

Rice is usually eaten with chopsticks in Japan.

Let's get this moved.

Rahul is pompous and arrogant.

No matter how often I tell her, she keeps making the same mistake.


He remained abroad ever since then.


That comic's jokes are all old hat and we've heard them before.

DDT is a carcinogen which was commonly used in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

I'll be glad to show you.

Where did you pay them?

Why is the world so cruel to me?

Just the word "French" has her wet her pants.

The perfect is the enemy of the good.

This is yesterday's newspaper. Where's today's?

If Juliane does that, then we won't have a problem.

I would rather sit reading in the library than go home.

I've been dreaming about this.

When I told him that, he got furious.

This isn't the time or the place for that.

I've worked all my life.

You are a patient woman.

Kristian will help whoever asks him to help.

Tanaka told Ginny she had a nice smile.


We were proactive.


The little boy is used to talking with grown-ups.

Make sure you don't forget to mail these letters.

I don't know how long this'll take.


He who makes no mistake, does nothing.

Roland has got nothing.

She asked him if she could go home.

Spencer liked to play chess.

They can vouch for him.