Leonardo da Vinci's Ornithopter flying machine was never actually created.

Timo is warmhearted.


This type of noun phrase is called a "concealed question".


I am a gentleman's daughter.


I will stand by you whatever happens.

Whether he is for it or not, we will not change our plans.

I never should've told Jurevis my password.


He is no more than a dreamer.

I didn't know about it, so don't blame me for it.

Sedovic didn't like the plan.


Why do you need so many shoes?


Christopher Columbus did not find fame. It was fame who found Christopher Columbus.

Do you find it easy to deal with the people you meet in the course of your work?

We have all the evidence we need.

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It's OK to take a picture from the outside.

I love both cats and dogs.

Pierre's risking his life.


Which side of the bed do you sleep?

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They landed on a nearby airbase.

It's no use trying to convince Neal.

The prize money enabled me to go on a world cruise.


Tell them the problem is solved.

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I changed my hairstyle.

I soon got accustomed to speaking in public.

I don't want to be late today.

I planted one.

I found the chair was comfortable when I sat on it.

It had never occurred to her that he would be punished.

I don't see her a whole lot.

We will have some visitors one of these days.

A Mr. Sato came to see you while you were out.

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Do you want to leave a message?

The searchers could hear faint calls coming from deep within the cave.

I know what Bruce and Dan are going through.

Let's get some fresh air.

He spared no efforts.


It's so easy.


I wasn't able to fix it.


He came hoping to see you.

Bill hates that his father smokes heavily.

They like to play in the snow.

That's a plan.

Pesto is God's gift to the world.

We could start trying.

The government of the Inca Empire controlled everything.

Do you record your calls?

Thank you very much for everything while working for the Osaka branch.

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I've still not booked my flights to Germany.

What are your impressions?

A tooth can be replaced with an implant.

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I knew I couldn't trust him.

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Isidore has a lot of money, but not very many friends.


Jeffery is grinning from ear to ear.

You're not scared, are you?

We're going to go into the other room.

Good actions are never in vain.

Jarmo is making real progress.


Patrick came in carrying a stack of books.

"How long has Betty been in love with you?" "Dewey is not in love with me. He's my friend."

Nathan doesn't like beer.

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Darryl has decided to stay with us for a while.


I went to the wrong door.


Erwin enjoys movies.

Who's going to help me wash these dishes?

In the short time Lum was away from his desk, Shakil scribbled something in his textbook.


Some people are working in the fields.

Please explain why you can't come.

I am to meet him there.

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Do not live in a healthier way than what is right for you.

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Is something wrong with it?

Did June tell you he's studying French?

Is someone waiting for you?

He avoided it in every way.

What makes people do that?

You're not penniless.

You'd better call a lawyer.

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The French chose the South for this summer.

Thad hasn't got the chance to poison the atmosphere or undermine the love between Lee and her new lover.

Ask freely.

Here's the plan.

It was very beneficial.


An excellent idea!

Alison didn't seem to be interested in what was going on.

Dimetry always drinks his coffee black with no sugar.

That must be hard.

I'm your new partner.

He slipped while crossing the street.

I went to sleep about 10 o'clock.


Just go back to where you came from.

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It was Edith who painted the fence.

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Don't tell them I said that.

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Keep going straight through the village.

Oskar was my best friend in high school.

Are you competent?

My resolution dissolved at the last moment.

Why don't people hibernate?

A farewell party was held in honor of Mr Jones yesterday.

Kate isn't under contract.

I'm kind of astonished.

Do I need some kind of medication?


That's just the way she is.

The battery on my cell phone is running low.

They need protection.

Even though she is 38, she still depends on her parents.

Five hundred British soldiers had been captured.

Put your manners back in!

Would you mind if we discussed this later?


A hummingbird is no larger than a butterfly.

It's getting late, so we'd better get going.

Jeany was behaving like a spoiled child.

It's a change for worse.

I am thirsty.

They marched to Santiago with their flag aloft.

I think I'll take a look around.

The snow was falling quickly.

Cathy hit rock bottom.

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Let's take a drive.

They live in a city close to Beijing.

It's pretty clear.

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I saw the way Stanly was looking at you.


It is the things that we do not possess which seem to us most desirable.

Eddie advised Travis to leave early in the morning.

I gladly accepted his proposal.

It snowed for many days together.

You do nothing else but eat.

I used to drink beer, but I don't anymore.

The neighbor's cats meow through the night.


It's a great gag.

He is no gentleman.

Sometimes people make wrong decisions.


The digital revolution is paving the way towards strikingly new forms of social relationships.

I shouldn't have sold my car.

Why can't he play tennis today?


I need to go to Chicago.


How does it help?

He doesn't have a gun.

I think it's not good for him to go alone.

We don't know how or why.

July is climatologically the globe's warmest month of the year.

The stars seem dim because of the city lights.

They were going to lose.


How long ago did you move here?

I just heard you visited her.

I don't want you there.


I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

You should be reading Shakespeare's sonnets.

You scared me! Don't creep up on people like that.


I'm a great singer.

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We've got it all worked out.


Did I catch you at a bad time?

Deal me in.

Antonio never goes to places like that.

Wolf is demented.

He focused his business on the metropolitan area.