The mail has arrived.

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I think we should sit down.

I've been to Boston countless times.

I spoke to him in English, but I couldn't make myself understood.

The girl closed her eyes and listened to the pastor.

I hope we find him.

That's a very serious accusation.

I hate crowds.

In order to stay alive, humans need alimentation, which consists of foods and beverages.

In the northeast Pacific, a widespread bloom of Pseudo-nitzschia algae stretched off the North American coast from southern California to British Columbia during spring and summer 2015.

The Earth is under attack by alien invaders.

Keep Bryce inside.

She is very negligent in her dress.

I'm not interested in your excuses.

What will you do with the body, my lord?

Are you going to sleep?

You can tell me all about that some other time.

No students could answer the question.

They adapted to life abroad rather well.

Is this a tax-free shop?

This is a horror staple - young men and women spend a night of terror in an isolated house.

That's nothing to be ashamed of.


Young people are often poor judges of their own abilities.

I want to become a teacher of Japanese.

Were you praised by the teacher?

She made out the application for admission.

Loren was worried that he might lose his license.


Wealthy older men often marry younger trophy wives.

Steen is pretty romantic, isn't he?

It'll take three hours to make the changes.

I wish Vincenzo was here to explain.

I'm sort of an extrovert.

We wish you a pleasant flight.

Those are the properties that she owns.

How many books did you read?

I think you're bluffing.

I became a Catholic because I'm extremely pessimistic.

It's very difficult to understand her.

You're just trying to scare me.

Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.

She advised him to take a rest, but he didn't follow her advice.

He is older than I by two years.

Annie likes his new car.

I remembered wrong.


Whatever happened to Gordon?


I ran into a pole.

They'll go to Ireland.

Are you enjoying the city?

We will harvest our wheat in July.

Man has a great capacity to adapt to environmental changes.


I'm helping them out.


If you are a good boy, I will give you this watch.

Do as I ask.

"Chill down, fatty." "Don't call me an idiot!"

Juan didn't know that happened.

Do you want to stay here?


Several cottages have been isolated by the flood water.


As soon as you have the car fixed, please send me a letter with the cost. I'll send you the money.

I saved you.

Don't ever cross me.


The genie granted Shean his wish.

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He's preparing for the journey.

You deserve a holiday.

Stay away from me, I'll catch the stupid.


As soon as the three doctors had left the room, the Fairy went to Pinocchio's bed and, touching him on the forehead, noticed that he was burning with fever.

I often sing in the shower.

The climate is mild in this country.

I am free all day, I'll come and see you at any time that suits you.

Do you want to give it another shot?

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We waited for you.


One of the two puppies running along the pram kept trying to catch the rotating left front wheel of the pram with its mouth, seemingly thinking it was a ball it could play with, and it was a miracle it did not hurt itself in the process.

The fishmonger guarantees the origin and freshness of his products.

Geoffrey would've done the same thing Bernie did.

After the first letter the other came easily.

Suppose I had gone to America.

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What time is your flight home?


We have a very serious problem here.


Much of London was destroyed in the seventeenth century.

Are you thinking of buying it?

As soon as he opened the door, he smelled something burning.

He pressed me for a prompt reply.

Give people what they want.

The two of us aren't that good at chess. We're just playing because we felt like it.

It's a beautiful fabric.


I didn't even notice that.

The enemy wanted to discuss a truce with us.

It's not that hard.

I didn't have a phone.

I haven't used Anki for a week, and now I'm behind by 500 cards.

Gustavo doesn't have any friends in this city.

I found that his house was on fire.


I think it's time for me to call a doctor.

Do you think Shakil helped Mechael, too?

I want a chess set.


Stuart folded the letter and put it into the envelope.

She cleaned the room, and ran errands.

I have to take a make up test in English next week.

We make a great team.

Our teacher is someone who likes precision, and always demands precise answers of her students.

How did you get past security?

The power has been off since this morning.

I don't believe I know Narendra.

You started it.

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You do not have to answer this question.

I cannot understand Korean. I have never learnt it.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

We have no chance of winning.

Don't worry much. It'll be OK.

I had a study date with Rusty.

He's an author.

You're going to catch hell from your wife if she finds out.

Nici asked me why I was laughing.

Charlene doesn't want to help you.

Her dress was cheap.

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This one's hard to read.


They're really big.

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Lucy turned on the light switch.

Novorolsky must be wrong.

Am I right?

She works hard in the office for a small salary.

Come again any time.



Jordan doesn't have tea.

Three hours is too short for us to discuss that matter.


I have nothing to write.

I was born on January 2 in 1968.

Takeo felt in his pocket for the ticket.

We cannot control the tongues of others.

I just told Derek.


It's difficult to explain.

Only monsters don't cry.

"Are you an angel?" "Yes," the angel responded.

Let me relieve you of that case. It looks heavy.

My sister's going to kill me.

He is nothing but a businessman.

I've got some packing to do.


We pay them well.

He was tall, slim and strong.

She is in harmony with all her classmates.

Angela hesitated.

Women generally outlive their husbands.

What does Ramesh want to be when he grows up?

Pollution can be controlled.


Jeffery wants to be a successful architect.

What's in that closet?

If you don't want to read, then don't read.

I heard they found Kamel guilty.

Did it go well today?


Well, that's life.

It is our duty to help them.

He was injured in the leg.

Panos staggered away.

That dude is rolling in dough.

Miriamne was Juan's neighbor.

I'm the only one with the password.

This was a translation of copyrighted material, so I deleted it since copyright owners have the right to control derivative works.

I cannot help but sympathize with him any time I see him.

As far as I know, he is kind.

His story turned out to be true.


Takayuki has no history of any mental disorder.

Today's paper says that a typhoon is coming.

Is your mother here?

I could solve the problem without any difficulty.

Sergio, I've got a surprise for you.

You will have to wait and see.

Custom reconciles us to everything.

I'm over thirty.

This has gone out of use here.