Reusing old and unused shoe boxes to create objects is very simple and requires few materials:

a box with variable dimensions, colored markers or acrylic or tempera colors, colored adhesive tape and images. First of all, choose an image pertaining to the colors and the imagination that you want to give to the object holder. If you are skilled at drawing, there is no need to look for photos, landscapes and so on. Otherwise it can be searched through specific search engines and printed, after having adapted it to the measurements of its box. Take the box and paint it entirely, both the lid and inside, until it forms a homogeneous surface. You can use the colors with which you are more skilled, then the spirit crayons, watercolors, or acrylic colors. In the latter case it will be essential to allow the box to dry before proceeding to the next step. If you want to make a more imaginative object you can also make shades with other colors, after the first one has dried completely. After the second color wait again.

As soon as everything is dry, take the lid and photocopy the image. Put the glue on the lid and on the back of the photocopy and attach it, taking care not to create any bends in the image. Now the storage box is ready to store everything you want. You can also create boxes with colored adhesive tapes creating alternating strips, or you can attach some fake flowers, in short you can have fun giving free rein to your imagination. They can also be made as a gift for a special occasion.

It has certainly happened to each of us to find some empty and unused shoe boxes at home .

In these cases you never know whether to throw them away or stack them in some corner of the house in the hope of finding, in the future, a way to use them. And in these situations the art of recycling is able to provide us with excellent solutions. The shoe boxes can in fact be reused in various ways. Just imagination and a touch of manual skills to give them new life and prevent them from becoming waste. And if you run out of ideas , here are 10 for the creative recycling of shoe boxes .

If you have a large enough number of boxes, you can create a practical and comfortable shoe rack with them. Fold one of the two short sides inwards to form an opening. Fix the fold just made using adhesive tape or vinyl glue. Do this on all the boxes and then glue them together with some liquid glue. Let it dry for a few hours and your original shoe rack will be finished. It is one of the most classic methods for recycling a shoe box. In fact, it is sufficient to remove the cardboard lid and fill it with pens, pencils, felt-tip pens or other stationery objects. You can also possibly decorate it externally to give it a more pleasant appearance. You will be able to use your empty shoe boxes as practical containers for tidying up your home. Store inside them medicines, detergents, bottles, clothes or anything else you want. It is also possible to apply on one side a label that shows the type of object contained in them. This will allow you to better organize what you have at home. This is an excellent idea to put your jewelry in order. Take the lid of the box and, using a pair of scissors, make rectangular pieces of cardboard. Arrange them inside the box to create practical compartments in which to place rings, necklaces, bracelets and much more. Remember to fix them to the inner walls of the box using simple vinyl glue. In this way you will avoid moving during the use of your DIY jewelry box.

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The boxes are great for storing toothpicks for example; due to its characteristics, they adapt well, as mentioned above, to the storage of small things such as needles and pins, which can be divided by destination: machine sewing needles and needles for hand sewing, or needles for wool, etc. Also for those who sew, they are useful to contain beads, sequins, buttons. Other small objects to be stored inside can be staples that are small enough to be placed inside boxes of that size.

They are also suitable for storing ribbons: roll up the ribbons and then pull out one end; in this way the tape does not get tangled and you can take it when you need it; in the same way it is good for the elastic or other yarns or cords that are used in tailoring. Place the boxes next to each other in a larger box or drawer to keep them tidy and handy. You can also keep mine for micromine pencils or even re-use the container to put the cewingums inside.