Erwin leaned his head against the wall.

Here is the translation:

This is a cat.


Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it.

Whoever translates this sentence is a fool.

Michael Glawogger was an Austrian filmmaker who was well known for his documentary films.

Comedians base their jokes on tragic situations like violent death or serious accidents.

This is one of Boston's most respected construction companies.

And open your textbook at page ten.

Rakhal's strategy was responsible for the victory.


We didn't expect all this attention.


It would only take a few minutes.

Until the teacher appeared, the children were running amok in the classroom.

Public engagement enhances the Government's effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions.

Nothing but God can save you.

I want to hold her.


Andrew didn't tell Olaf how much money he'd spent.

I wrote this book after I had suffered from a great loss.

Michelle thinks anything's possible.

I've got to try to find him.

Success makes a man egotistic.

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Do you know all these people?

He's a bread baking fanatic.

Hitoshi and Diana don't talk to each other anymore.

You should turn off your cell phone.

Saumya is going to laugh when he sees this.

Ignore Irving.

Rajendra sat silently for 30 minutes.


Try not to disturb them.

Griff is a terrible dancer.

In contrast to the dog, the cat has become domesticated only in recent times.


The young lady wants this.

He leaned over to kiss me.

I don't deserve anything.

I have a solution in mind.

Boys, don't make any noise.

Raul was sitting up straight.

Why don't you take the cat out with you?

The manager offered to show me around the plant.

That'll be hard to explain.

I had to leave Boston.

I don't think Sergio has any idea what happened.

The people at SETI are looking for intelligent life in the universe because they haven't found it here on Earth!

I wasn't driving fast.

Next year, hats will become fashionable.

Susan looked in the refrigerator.

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I'll wait till four o'clock.

She's not here to defend herself against these accusations.

Douglas is a Harvard graduate.


I'm supposed to meet them.


The details of the plan unfolded.

I shook my head a few times.

Would you please turn down the TV a little?

Vincent couldn't decide where to begin.

She started writing novels.


Tell Toft that I need to borrow his car.

We should've left earlier.

He didn't get jealous.


Do you actually like this?

That's a depressing thought.

Just don't volunteer any new information.

You can't fight city hall.

When all is said and done, the most precious element in life is wonder.

I'd like him to be happy.

We've all been working hard.

I'm sure Anna hasn't forgotten his promise.

We tried not to get in Shane's way.

We need to tell Bobbie what happened.

They're students.

Why have you parked here?

She was too short to see over the fence.

This wall feels very cold.

I don't speak Hebrew.

She repeated her name slowly.

I met Ken yesterday.

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Have you ever shaken hands with the President?

He looked at all the beautiful things in my house.

How big is he?

I learned a lot from what I heard.

Dana felt insignificant when he looked up at the night sky.


Her husband eats everything she puts in front of him.


Alvin is worried that he might get fired.


Don't you start talking like that.

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Today, I will dine with you.

I'm so glad you're back.

Rajesh told me he was tired.

Just wait till I get my hands on that two-timing bastard!

That was a secret.

She lives in Dubai.

Nadeem went to a Catholic high school.

I wonder what Rhonda is waiting for.

Is it really possible?

I'm going to go talk to them.

Don't put your elbows on the table.

Lars asked Sugih to join his team.

You, too, my son.

Although he is young, he is very careful.

It just seems ridiculous.

Having a slight fever, I stayed in bed.

I remember this old house.

Let's hold fire for a few days.

I had to go there yesterday.

Reid closed the curtains before he got undressed.

This film is worth seeing many times.


The salaryman went to live quietly in a remote area in order to atone for his sins.

I thought of making myself a beautiful wooden marionette.

It'll be tonight.

"Who sees variety and not the unity wanders on from death to death", state the Upanishads.

He is expected to come home soon.

Has Stephan returned?

He won't tell me what happened.


During the first year of his research, he learned he had ALS.

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She put him under a spell.

What would be best for Daniel?

What does that cost?

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This is not even logical.

They split their sides laughing.

Does anybody here have a bottle opener?


I'll never leave Boston again.

He'll be back soon.

It's easy to err once you lose your cool.

My brother bought me a small toy.

Let's not discuss this in front of the children.


We've made a deal.

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What more is there to say?

Don't you wish to make a flight in a hot air balloon?

Pia's parents both died while he was still a small child.


They ran naked in the park.


He studies American history.


The hardness of diamond is 10.


I ate all my oranges.

I like horses.

You're athletic.

There is nothing to be proud of.

I remember meeting him in Paris.

What do you think he should do?

I will drive you to Brindisi.

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Normally this wouldn't worry the pilot, but recently this kind of thing has been happening more and more often.


I like the boys from the start of the marathon.

Straka gave his mother everything he earned.

A foolish idea came into my mind.

He was disqualified from the competition.

Choose one.

No one ate any of the cookies that I made.

Things often take longer than you expect.

Let Clyde out.

Nancy will never go on a date with me. She's out of my league.


Write your name on this piece of paper.

Isaac counted the change.

I have no idea who it was.

I wrote her a letter every day.

We'll meet Miriam in thirty minutes.

I had to stop him.

I have more money than I had last year.

The picture on the wall is the one that Mick painted last summer.

She shouted for help, but no one came.

She was never disrespectful to me.

The door squeaked.

It is easy to find a nice woman but difficult to keep her nice.

You should wash your car.


That's an ugly building, in my opinion.


It matters little what you do.

For a moment, I was left speechless.

Are you sure Lanny needs another one?

I smelled bacon.

What kind of questions did Ole ask you?