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TrailArts assists the public and private sectors with planning, construction, and management of shared-use trails that maximize user satisfaction while minimizing impacts to the surrounding environment. 

Our intuitive understanding of natural resource, land use, and recreation management is based on extensive experience in the field and more than two decades of recreation advocacy, trail consulting and trail construction.

We specialize in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for the development and management of shared-use recreational trails while working in any variety of urban, suburban, rural and back-country setting. 

Our unique ability to balance the preservation of our natural resources with the demand to provide accommodating and sustainable facilities for ever-increasing numbers of and types of trail users is reflected in every service we provide.

Blending the artistry of nature with the sciences of resource management, our no-nonsense approach to trail planning and construction provides our clients the most state of the art trail development services, and the highest quality and most sustainable natural-surface trail systems available. 



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