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"I am not even remotely all the way through your book, and I have to tell you, the change in my children is incredible." —Jill Meyer, NY

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Naomi Aldort is a parenting guide, internationally published writer, and public speaker.

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For all parents seeking to nurture attachment and connection with babies through teens.

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Naomi Aldort

Raising Our Children,
Raising Ourselves

Naomi Aldort


Naomi Aldort

Raising Our Children,
Raising Ourselves

Naomi Aldort

Gold Award - Parenting Resources Winner
Mom’s Choice Award
Mom's Choice Award

"Naomi Aldort is an eloquent proponent of the simple idea that children need love and validation, rather than control and behavior modification. The result is the disappearance of power struggles and the emergence of closeness and cooperation. Aldort teaches parents how to listen effectively when children express strong feelings, and how to recover their ability to love, validate and offer comfort to their children when they, themselves, are upset."
—Nappa Awards

Naomi Aldort

"It was just wonderful listening to Naomi Aldort and seeing her and meeting her. I learnt soooooo very much from her. One of the best things I learned was that we teach our children to want and look forward to the next moment, instead of simply being happy in the moment with them. I have taken home so much wisdom from her to practice and keep in my heart."
—Vashti Awaiz, Australia

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Join us to discover and discuss ways of understanding a child and responding in a way that she/he can be the best of herself, not because she fears her parents, but because she wants to, of her own free will. From babies through teens.


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All ages
Babies through Teens

Naomi's guidance transforms parent-child relationships
from reaction and struggle to Freedom, Power and Joy

Naomi provides guidance on issues such as:
Healthy attachment* • Behavior • Crying • Nursing • Learning • Aggression
Sleep • Cooperation without bribes or threats • Tantrums • Siblings • Talents
Teens • Sharing • Home-schooling • Tics • Fears • Responsibility • Chores
Special needs • Healing from Trauma • Speech therapy
Parent's needs • and much more.

The services and products offered on this site are attachment parenting friendly.
However, the word "attachment" is not in use here due to its multiple and contradictory meanings.

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