We managed to get along.

Van couldn't do what he was asked to do.

John and I have patched up our troubles.

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I cannot lift this box.

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I cannot help laughing at her joke.

The death rate is the same for us as for anybody ... one person, one death, sooner or later.

Is eating with chopsticks difficult?


To be honest, his talks are always a bore.


I'd rather not talk about it.


I'm bluffing.

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This door would not open no matter what I did.

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He appointed me to do this task.

Mehrdad watched attentively.

Just at that time, the bus stopped.


Cindy lives all by himself in a small cabin in the woods.


Do they have to do it?

Old thought it was a good idea.

He is second to none when it comes to finding fault with others.

Valerie coughed softly.

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

Brian said he was retiring.

It's been ten years since I came to live in Shizuoka.


She rents a room to a student.

Melinda told me he wouldn't be able to be here tomorrow.

He was wondering the same thing.

James Gould found them in bees too.

I have to persuade Page to go with us.

Charlene got killed.

We have to talk to him.


Barrett ordered some food.

I think I need some help.

Did Marika like her trip to Japan?

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Srivatsan is a very clever man.

That one is all yours.

I don't think you'll like the alternative.

Carsten has been nice to us.

You said that you had been in Russia for seven years.

He was guarded in his remarks.

Where did you say this came from?


There is a chronic oversupply of rice in Japan.

How am I supposed to sleep with all this noise?

I tried to install a new browser.


Micheal decided not to go to Boston.

I just want you to consider the possibility that you are wrong.

Her body was in an uncomfortable position.

Let's assume Kevan is right.

Chet struggled to keep calm.

Ricardo almost always falls to sleep at night hugging his teddy bear.

The apple Kevin wants to become a pilot. But he will become a jam like his father.

His music makes me dream.

Heather knows what it's all about.

What can we possibly give him?

Nothing much is happening.

He whipped around the corner.

This man is very awful.

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Only when the poor enter the halls of the rich, do the rich notice that the poor exist.


Keep in mind that you're not as young as you used to be.


Do you think that sounds like a threat?

You worry too much about what others think of you.

We didn't give up.

He told me to make sure of the date.

He said that it was nine o'clock.

I'll see if Wilmer's here.

Why are you always complaining?

What time do you wake up?

Jefferson remained calm.

Klaudia wanted to wash his hands.

You must be superior to me in this skill.

"Perhaps you'd like me to play a song for you." "I'd like that."

I have a job I have to do.


Gale shoved Jakob out the door.


We agreed to elaborate a strategy.


The boy's expression showed his disappointment, but even so he looked up at our faces with a glimmer of hope.

Irving must have heard about what happened.

He feasts before fasting and fasts before feasting.


The relics of your grandparents are in this church.

I love France.

It was kind of scary.

Sometimes I think I'll never be on my own. Both of my parents always seem to need my help.

Little Vasilissa grieved greatly for her mother, and her sorrow was so deep that when the dark night came, she lay in her bed and wept and did not sleep.

Briggs didn't look at the picture again.

You should probably tell Shyam how to do that.

An old man sat next to me on the bus.

Raphael is helpful.

I am familiar with his music.

I don't want to write satire. However, satire is often the result.

They say he's gone for good.

Which do you prefer, Coke or Pepsi?

Pick a book for yourself!

Is it close to the capital?

The river was cloudy with silt.

Tarmi was questioned by the police about what had happened.

I'm not doing this for you.

If she'd just come!

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Having been brought up in America, my father speaks English fluently.

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I have to go find him.

Thinking about those sort of things, I watched "Duck Soup" again.

The workman, as a rule, works eight hours a day.

Some shadow of doubt now covered his face.

That information is classified.

Let me know the time you are leaving.

Where are Alberto and his family living?


What do you think I'm doing?

You're pretty late to have just gone shopping. Have you been making out someplace?

Hillel figured it out on his own.

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I can't depend on you anymore.

This textbook is written in simple English.

These are questions worth debating.

We lived right down the road from Moses.

The whole town was amazed.


A free demo is available.


Do you have a fishing license?

We'll meet her at the gate.

Even if he has a clue, he won't let you know it.


You'll see to it, won't you?

How many cars have you owned so far?

The one thing that Edith hates the most is not being taken seriously.

His main object in life was to become rich.

June wasn't the star.

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Margot is extremely skeptical.


That was double-dutch to me.

He was given the benefit of the doubt.

She said good-bye with a smile, but there was a good deal of bitterness in her heart.

Tal left right after Billie did.

Leif is dependable, isn't he?

The rich are not always happy.

I let Richard in the house.

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At last, he got the car.

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After dropping Clare at her home, Lynne headed back to the office.

Spend whatever you need to spend.

You think this is all some kind of joke?

We haven't even seen it yet.

Like most astronomers before him, Ptolemy believed the Sun, Moon, and other planets circled the Earth. He thought that each space body moved in a small circle (an epicycle) that was itself orbiting Earth.

He washes the bike every week.

You know, I came across him in the street the other day, we stopped to chat.

I was extremely nervous.

You are not a good person. You know that, right?

When I came home, Gretchen was studying.

He is making preparations for a trip.

Has something good happened?

I think that Pilot has some hidden superpowers.

He broke faith with his friend.

Who listens to her?

The results of the study were sobering, to say the least.

Aren't you being just a little unreasonable?


He gave me a ring at midnight.

Hirotoshi was always there for me.

He asked me to dance.


We got up.

She was tired but decided on walking.

I have a bat and ball.

If it weren't for you, God knows when we'd find out about their mistake.

I did not understand.

I'm going to go join them.

It was a very nice show.


If you could only speak English, you would be perfect.


I wish I had the courage to show my feelings.

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I've never seen Takayuki behave this way before.

I'm a bit of a reader myself.

Unfamiliar terrain can be difficult to traverse.

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I don't know what Jeany looks like now.